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Non-adhesive tags include non-adhesive barcode tags, price tags, shelf tags, promotional tags and much more. As the name suggests, these fully customisable tag does not have glue. This makes them a superior choice for clothing & garment application. While typical sticker adhere poorly to garment and leave glue residue on clothing, price tags or hang tags are attached to clothing by loop locks, tag pins and tagging guns. This prevents unwanted damage and provides a better representation to the product.

Barcode Tag, artcard with barcode Malaysia, Selangor. BARCODE TAG

Similar to barcode labels, barcode tags have a set of unique numbers converted into bar codes. Normally seen in clothing retails, the barcode carries coded information which is soon decoded by the cashier system. The system paired with the barcoding method is a swift and accurate inventory management that shortens customer’s waiting time in the cashier counter. These barcode tags are also used in industrial manufacturing line to substitute the use of adhesive glue stickers.

Price Tag, artcard with price barcode Malaysia, Selangor. PRICE TAG

Price tags are used as product’s price display. Unlike their sticker counterpart, this price tag does not leave glue residue on the product. This is especially important in clothing retail, carpets manufacturing, and garment related industry. A clearly printed and crisp price tag is important to provide vital information for customer’s decisiveness in product purchase. Matter of fact, a well-designed price tag can attract customers and boost up sales!

Hang Tag, tag card on clothing with barcode Malaysia, Selangor. HANG TAG

Hang tags are unique marketing tool attached to the clothing merchandise. They are firmly attached to the product by the use of tag pins, loop locks and tagging guns. These tags are unique in providing insightful information such as designer’s name, care instructions and product fabric material used. They are creatively designed to attract shoppers by their distinctive eye-catching style.

Shelf Tag, Gondola price tag on shelf with barcode Malaysia, Selangor. SHELF TAG

Shelf tags or gondola shelf price tags are used for product identification in rigid art card form. Instead of sticking directly to the product like price stickers, these tags are positioned on shelves and display racks. They are easily replaced without leaving glue residue. These give customer a good impression on shelf cleanliness while providing them easy-to-read product price and merchandise code.