We supply toothpick glag, food flag, food labels and custom labels in Malaysia.


Need to enhance your food presentation? Wish your dishes are more instagrammable?

Why not conquer them with mini flags?

Whether it is your mouth watering burger, savoury crispy fried chicken, freshly baked muffins or a set of masterfully made sushi, DGroup is able to supply these food flags with creative and customisable designs. With plentiful shapes and sizes to choose from, you are assured to make your menu more captivating.

Aside from visual enhancing, these toothpick flags are used to differentiate food varieties. You may not want your customer to be confused between a grilled chicken burger with a meat-free burger, or a fiery hot pizza with a regular one.

These food flags help to distinguish different dish flavours and prevent mix-up when serving at customer’s table. These remove many hassles from the employees and provide better experience to the customers.

Toothpick Flag, Food Flag Malaysia Selangor
Toothpick Flag, Food Flag Malaysia Selangor